Military RanksEdit

These are the Military Ranks of the Clan. There are quiet many of them. Because this is a Huge Clan we are preparing for. In this list, it is ordered from Highest to Lowest.


1. Grand Admiral

2. Vice Admiral

3. Fleet Admiral

4. High Admiral

5. Admiral

6. Commondore Admiral

7. Lieutenant Captain

8. Lieutenant Commander

9. Lieutenant

10. Captain

11. Commander

12. Ensign


1. Major General

2. General

3. Lieutenant General

4. Brigader General

5. Colonel

6. Lieutenant Colonel

7. Major

8. Captain

9. Fleet Commander

10. First Lieutenant

11. Second Lieutenant

12. Third Lieutenant

13. Sergeant Major

14. Commander Sergeant Major

15. First Sergeant

16. Master Sergent

17. Sergeant

18. Corporal

19. Private First Class

20. Private

Well These are your Military Ranks. There are 32 Ranks all in all. Getting a Promotion would take you months before you can Rank up.

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